Work and Web Women is my new podcast, but I like to think of it as a podClass series because I created it to teach other online entrepreneurs how to improve their websites, find multiple streams of income online, work from home and do other things of that nature. Every week I will talk about hot topics of interest to myself and my fellow online entrepreneurs.

In addition to the featured PodClass, Work and Web Women will include interviews and discussions with other women in business, online resources for entrepreneurs, original business eBooks by LHenry, howto posts and more. Work and Web Women.com Created to help you learn how to better work the web.

Who created Work and Web Women

LaShanda Henry

Most of you know me as lhenry, but my name is LaShanda A. Henry. You can listen to my podcast entry 'Who is LHenry' or continue reading here. I've been developing websites for about eight years now. I started out with Multiple Shades of You Online, originally an ezine for young women of color now msoy has evolved into a Black Web Portal on which I produce and promote positive websites for People of Color. I've also developed social networks like Black Business Women and the Black Moms Club. Now I'm trying my hand at serious blogging via Sista Sense and the Work and Web Women series. In a nutshell, my thing is being an information entrepreneur. I like to share my life lessons with other business women online, but my main passion is developing quality black websites and being a work at home mom. If you want to know more, visit my about me page.

Contact info: email lhenry[@]msoyonline.com

Favorite Website
What are your most common online activities?
visiting and updating my sites, reading email, creating banners
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