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Work and Web Women Every day women are leaving their 9-5 jobs, turning dreams of working at home into stories of real success. Once a nine-to-fiver and now self-employed, I know all about the joys and pains of being a work at home mom. Unlike working for someone else, self-employment often requires long hours and little pay. However, for those of us who have a genuine passion for what we do and stick to the dream, the end result is so sweet!

I decided to create the Work and Web Women eBook, as a free and very informative look into what the Work and Web Women website / vision is all about. In this guide, I do more than simply talk about the site. It includes information about some of my favorite social networks for women entrepreneurs and work at home moms. It also includes information about Ad Networks for Women, Business Blogs, and web tools plus several of my most popular internet marketing articles.

From Making friends on Myspace to Turning Cash in to Clicks, you can read these articles and more in the Work and Web Women guide. If you are a women entrepreneur interested in building your business online or learning how to work the web, this is the eBook for you. Download a copy to day and feel free to share it with friends!

Find eBook here - //www.e-junkie.com/lhenry By LaShanda Henry www.workandwebwomen.com

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