Creating A Successful Social Network

After Creating My Own Social Network, Black Business Women Online, I received so many questions from others interested in starting their own space. I took all those questions and created two eBooks, Turn Your Niche into a Network and Create Your Own Ningalicous Network. As an audio compliment to those eBooks I decided to do this podClass, how to create a successful social network. Though it is easy for anyone to create a network, it is not easy to maintain a successful one. The Black Business Women Online Network has over 4,000 Members and my Black Moms Club has almost 2,000 members. I've learned a few things about creating good networks and I want to share them with you. You need to know how to get new people to join, how to engage your members, and what you can do to make your space better. You can learn more about these and other topics in this audio podclass.

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