Google Adsense PodClass - Sneak Peak

Hello Webby People,

I am ready to get down to the business of what Work and Web Women is all about, hopefully you are too. Every month I will be posting several audio podcasts discussing topics of interest to my fellow online entrepreneurs. Some of these topics will be free to download, while others will be subscription based PodClasses as part of the 'Work and Web Women PodClass Series'. The first featured PodClass is 'How I Pay My Rent with Good Adsense.' In this class I talk about how you can make sense of Adsense so that you can actually generate income using this program. Having used Google Adsense on several of my sites, I have learned how to successfully setup adsense and make real money using it. Though so many web publishers add adsense to their sites, not many of them can actually say they are making money from it, which is why I decided to create this particular howto guide.

Here is a sneak preview of the first Work and Web Women PodClass - 'How I Pay My Rent Using Google Adsense'