How I Pay My Rent Using Google Adsense - PodClass

Hello Webby Women and Men!

The first official PodClass in the Work and Web Women series is 'How I Pay My Rent Using Google Adsense'. If you haven't already done so, please listen to the Sneak Peak Audio I previously posted for this PodClass.

In this edition of the Work and Web Women Series I am sharing my Adsense Secrets with you. Like many web entrepreneurs, I've used Adsense for several years, but for a long time I wasn't see much of a return. After making less than $20 in about 2 years, I decided to get serious about the program so that I could make sense of what Google Adsense is all about. And not, after doing the research and putting plans into practice I make $20 on Adsense in a matter of hours.

If you think about it, if you make $30 on google adsense every day for a month, you can generate an extra $900 a month just from hosting free ads on your site! It's a great thought, which has not turned into my reality. I pay my rent with my Google Adense account, and so can you. Listing to this PodClass today, so that you can learn how to better work the web tomorrow!

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